You’ve got a rough idea about who your ideal client is, BUT…

.. you’re afraid of being too specific.
The idea of possibly pushing away work is SCARY!

We HEAR you!

Despite working with wellness professionals and coaches for years, we sometimes get anxiety about saying no when approached with unrelated work. This is normal! 

In fact, one struggle we see over and over again with our clients as we start to dive into their branding, is that they do not want to exclude anyone who might need their help.

But here’s the thing…

…if you don’t get super specific on who you serve, your brand will not reflect the clientele you want to bring in.

You won’t get the people you LOVE to serve. Until you identify your ideal client, it can be really tough to showcase clarity within your brand.

Your specialty is what sets you apart from the crowd, and in this crowded world that’s critical to your success!

How would you feel each day to wake up and work with clients who were your perfect match?
To have laser focus on what you do, and who you serve?
Pretty good yes?
Let the clarity begin!

Authenticity + Clarity + Purpose = Results!

Like many online coaches just starting out, it can be a little difficult trying to figuring out who your ideal client (your niche) is and how to reach them. In this course we will cover the 3 steps to finding your niche! We’ll focus solely on:

  • Clarity
  • Purpose
  • and Authenticity

3 major components to designing your brand around what YOU and your clients need, want, and desire! When you address your ideal clients expectations and insert your own personal flare, you can create a brand that not just speaks to your audience, but is totally unique and representative of YOU.

As as service based business, you are the brand.

So getting this initial step worked out is HUGE!

This class is packed with very simple, yet powerful instructions that will help you gain major clarity over your business, who you want to work with, and what portion of your niche you should target!

Ready To Nail Your Niche?