Branding is the “Personality” of your business!

The character traits, likes and dislikes, word usage, as well as what we see visually, such as colors, photography, and even font choices — all capture the personality of  who we are, and what we want our business to stand for!

A business will have a solid foundation when they first identify what their brand is because it paves the way for a consistent look and feel that represents the business. This look and feel is something people will (over time) start to associate with you and your business because it is something they can consistently recognize and be reminded of you.

When we are exposed to a brand that is consistent with how they look, feel, and act, we cannot help but start to recognize and trust this brand to meet up to what we expect from them.

Predictability will establish a sense of trust so being consistent with our visuals within a brand is ever more important for maintaining a relationship with our audience!

In this course, we will explore the visuals, colors, fonts, and photography that will make up the meat of your visual business!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy guided experience to putting together your brand, this course is for YOU!

Let’s Create Your Mood Board!!!

What is a Mood Board?

It is a cheat sheet you create and can use over and over again as a guide for all of your branded elements.

This mood board will include you:

  • Color scheme for your brand
  • Fonts used within your brand
  • Imagery style that captures the mood and message of your brand

These are the 3 major elements of your designed brand! You will be guided on how to assemble all of these elements into 1 cohesive visual guide that you can use when you create graphics, your website, and so much more! It will save you LOADS of time when you create anything new for your business because you already have the design figured out.

Plus, it is super fun to make this mood board!

You get to explore ideas that lead you towards discovering YOUR style.

This class is packed with very simple step-by-step video instructions that will help you create the perfect design for your business brand!

Ready To Nail Your Niche?