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5 Tips To Charge “Your Worth”

So often we get told to “charge” our worth when it comes to our products/services in our business. But what does that ACTUALLY mean?

If you have been struggling to “charge your worth” or have been struggling to attract people who are willing to pay your prices… it’s because this idea is flawed and you are likely selling yourself short in the process.

Here’s the thing: You can’t put put a price on yourself without actually limiting your own worth. You are infinitely worthy. Instead, charge for the VALUE being given.

Here are 5 tips to align your prices to the value being given rather than to your own worthiness so that you can attract soul mate clients who are stoked on your offers!


Number One:  What is the value to the client/customer?

  • How much time, money, are you saving someone who experiences what you have to offer?
  • How much time, education, energy of yours goes into your offer and to their experience?
  • What problem are you solving/transformation are you facilitating?
  • How much is solving their problem worth to them?

The key here is to step into the shoes of the consumer and think about this from their perspective.


Number Two:  Evaluate your OWN money mindset.

Ask yourself the hard questions.

  • Where are you limiting yourself from charging for the value?
  • Are you attaching your self worth to a price point?

There is nothing wrong with charging for your services/products or for expanding your wealth. So… give yourself permission to be wealthy, abundant and worthy.


Number Three:  Be confident.

If you are not confident in what you are charging, you can sure as hell believe that your potential customers will feel that way too.

Be confident in the transformation and result that you/your product offers

Think about how you can shift from being “nice to have” to “omg I need it like yesterday!”


Number Four: Stop using “me too pricing”

You know, just charging a random amount because people doing things similar to you are charging it.

Here’s the problem with using “me-too” pricing: You’re signaling to your potential clients that you’re the same as everyone else. Why would they choose you when they can always find someone else charging $10 less? What makes you different?

What prices feel good to you and are a fair price energetically to your future clients?

How can you tailor your offer to be a no brainer for them?

Clients care about themselves and their problems. By taking the time to make your proposal client-focused, you’re already ahead of 90% of your competition.


Number Five: Start saying NO to jobs/clients that aren’t aligned.

Don’t work with absolutely everyone who comes your way. Sometimes, we feel grateful for ANY job, especially when we love what we do. This leads to accepting less than you know you’re work is worth.

Like attracts like so if you keep attracting clients who are trying to lowball you then go inwards and see where that reflection is stemming from.

The fun part of entrepreneurship is CHOOSING who you work with and having no limits to increasing your prices as demand, experience, knowledge ect increases!


Don’t forget that you are infinitely worthy so you don’t need to fall into the trap of trying to “charge your worth” Grab Jenna’s FREE Five Figure Flow Framework now to expand your income, impact & alignment with ease!

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