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Why It Feels Weird AF to Sell Yourself & 8 Tips to Overcoming It!

Sitting at your desk you obsessively read over your promotional post and start editing it to death! Oh this is too fierce, I might trigger someone with this, that’s WAY too “salesy”, my mom definitely won’t like that part, this part makes me sound cocky….on and on you go until you’re left with nothing but a statement about some random thing and a shitty call to action!
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Questions Coaches Should Ask BEFORE Investing in a New Website

As you know, investing in your business is a BIG deal, and when leveling up from your start-up site to a more robust platform, it’s important to ask yourself more pointed questions that you probably didn’t think to ask when you first got started. Make the BEST possible choice for your business right now, but more importantly – where it’s heading!
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5 Tips To Charge Your Worth

If you have been struggling to "charge your worth" or have been struggling to attract people who are willing to pay your prices… it’s because this idea is flawed and you are likely selling yourself short in the process.
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