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Our Mission…

The Empire Method is based on our 5 Pillars of Empowerment:

Self Evolution    Business Truth Integrity    Connections & Conversions

Marketing, Tech, & Design    Preservation & Progression


Inspired by dishonest shortcut claims and excessive operating costs flooding our industry, our mission is simple – provide intelligent cost saving tools and raw information on how to build, run, and grow your empire without the BS!

We Believe In United Collaboration…
To add to this mission, we’ll feature guest experts of all statuses’ that can authentically add to the mission, if you’re a coach, consultant, or mentor who has a completed Workshop on any of the below topics and are looking to be featured, we’d love to JV/affiliate with you!
Please read below to learn more about becoming an Empire Expert Educator!

We pride ourselves on providing authentic, game changing tools
and business education workshops to our clients!

Our #1 priority… is that all workshops featured on our site has full, in-depth, and accurate quality information, we do not allow upsell offers, promos, or external links.

We do this for 2 reasons.

  1. We want to be the trusted hub for entrepreneurs, a place where they know they can come and receive accurate, in-depth, business building information without the BS. To do that we need to set strict standards and cut out industry tactics. You need to remember our clients have been pitched hundreds of times throughout their entrepreneur journey, it gets old, and The Empire Method will be the ethical safe zone they’ve been desperately looking for, free from high pressure sales tactics, manipulation, or half-assed information!
  2. We actually want our clients to succeed. This isn’t just about money for us, we want our clients to use their skills, gifts, and talent to shift our society, they can’t do that if they don’t know what they’re doing or are too worn down from buying poor information.

Obviously, this type of collaboration requires our contributors to share the same values, and societal relation goals, and if you do, please keep reading!

Our 2nd priority… is to make this process as simple as humanly possible on ALL parties. To do that we’ve decided to make our platform free to our contributors! We are incredibly passionate about having paid campaigns to advertise our contributor workshops, but because we’re offering a free platform we’re unable and unwilling to give you a level of exposure guarantee! Again, this level of simplicity allows us and you to focus on the work that actually matters!

How to become an Empire Expert Educator?

Our rules are pretty simple:

  • Your workshop must be filled with quality information not commonly found online and provide in-depth instructions on the particular topic.
  • We do not care about social status, if you’re an expert on one of our topics, you’re invited to apply!
  • We only accept applications from those who already have a workshop ready to be featured, so before applying please be sure you have something to show us.
  • Because we personally guarantee our audience quality educational workshops with no upsell or external link promos, we will request a viewing of your workshop prior to approval.
  • If you wish to be removed from our platform, please request removal by emailing us directly. It could take up to 30 days for final removal.
  • We will host your workshop on our site, when a workshop is purchased we will remove a 40% JV affiliate cut and send you the remaining amount at the end of each month, you must provide a valid PayPal address in your application. You’ll receive an affiliate link to view all sales transactions.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of (and we hope you do), please view our topic list below.

If you find one that you’re an expert in and you’d like to be on our list of featured Empire Experts, please fill out the application below!

Empire Business Building Topics

  • Business Plans & Market Research – Defining market needs for proposed products/services & effective business plan building
  • Business Taxes – LLC’s, Corporations & Partnerships
  • Business Cashflow – Loans, investors, traditional & non-conventional money raising efforts
  • Contracts – Business contracts, state law, & amendments
  • Employee’s – Hiring, training, termination, contracts, handbooks, record keeping & payroll
  • Terms, Conditions, Permissions – New terms & conditions and marketing permissions
  • Paid Advertising – In-Depth Training on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • SEO – Google ranking, SEO, traffic building & online presence
  • Social Media Strategies – Leveraging different social platforms
  • Affiliate & JV Partnerships – How to choose partners/products/services, contracts, to bring into your business.
  • Investing – Investing profits to create more revenue, stocks, & bonds.
  • Content – Creating powerful, truthful, relevant sales copy, etc.
  • Graphic Design – Branding, formatting, layouts, visuals, videos, etc.
  • Program Creation – Creating buy-worthy programs
  • Lead Magnets – Creating valuable lead magnets that pre-sell your services.
  • Life/Work Balance – Planning, preparing, organization, down time, etc.
  • Spiritual Alignment – Finding alignment & fulfilling purpose.
  • Health & Wellness – Healthy eating, fitness, & healthy rituals.
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