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Revolutionary Websites For Online Coaches!

Just Imagine.

  • Launching Your Lead & Sales Funnels On a Whim

  • Booking Clients Into Your Programs With Ease & Elegance

  • A Membership Platform That Generates Recurring Income

  • Your Own Website To Sell, Blog, Inspire & WOW Your Audience!

All One The Same Website!

Are You Ready to Grow Your Empire Tech-Drama FREE?

If the idea of having an all-in-one website without tying in tons of outside software programs, or spending thousands on designers, programmers, and marketing gurus sounds too good to be true… trust us, it isn’t!

If you’re a coach, consultant, or online entrepreneur you’re probably used to today’s shiny software systems and the complicated learning curve that comes with them, but here at The Empire Method, we’re dedicated to breathing life into our client’s goals by providing an intelligent platform that eliminates tech overwhelm, creates ease, and…

BOLDLY Empowers the Worlds Change Makers!


1 computer monitor, 1 smart phone 1 tablet, 1 laptop showcasing The Empire Method’s all in one website themes Powerhouse, Namaste and sales funnels

Fully designed & professionally developed WordPress websites that come with built-in sales tools specifically created to help the female entrepreneur rise up!

Each website comes with intelligent built-in sales tools such as a membership platform, eCommerce store, affiliate tracking, and sales funnels.

In fact we have over 32 pre-made funnel templates alone... that’s a whole lotta’ time-saving convenience packed into one powerful website.

With most of the work done-for-you, our revolutionary Empire Websites will save you hundreds of hours giving you the opportunity to finally do the work you love without the tech drama or typical restrictions!

Get a custom built website from pros who understand your sales goals!

Just Check Out What You’re Getting!

Our Empire Packages Come With…

  • A Fully Completed, Totally Customizable Website

    You heard right — the website is already finished! No building from scratch, simply log into your website, pull in your templates, and add your own graphics, colors, fonts, and content to make it completely personalized to your brand and business. The possibilities are literally endless!

  • Core Essentials

    Developed using the latest in mobile-friendly technology, drag-and-drop webpage building capability, security, and core optimization; you’ll get the core essentials for SEO integration, traffic monitoring, security, and SSL certification. Each EM Site comes with essential functions that keep your website optimized, secure, and effective!

  • Lead & Sales Funnels

    Included in every EM Site package are several thoughtfully mapped out and pre-configured sales and lead funnels. Complete with multiple pages that take your client through a specific sales journey that both increase your email list and revenue! Fully customizable, simply pop in your content, adjust your branding, and turn it on! You can also clone, pause, or turn off your funnels with a simple click of a button!

  • Membership Platform

    Included in our EmpireVIP package comes a powerful membership platform, using Memberpress; the world’s most popular membership plugin available, you’ll be able to easily manage customer subscriptions, grant or prohibit access to digital/video files, communities, categories, feeds and tags! The best part is the seamless PCI compliant recurring payment option which accepts major payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe!

  • Affiliate Tracking

    Included in our EmpireVIP package, for those looking to substantially increase revenue, traffic and public awareness, we’ve gone ahead and set up the popular affiliate tracking plugin Affiliate Royale! Designed to easily track sales and pay affiliates, this plugin is super easy to use and offers the unique ability to create custom banners specific to your brand, this feature is a must-have for those looking to skyrocket their sales!

Want to see what our Empire Websites look like?

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It Gets Even Better!

image of the empire methods backend WordPress training class pages.

THE Ultimate Empowerment! 

While our Empire Websites come pre-built and ready to customize, we still believe every business owner should know exactly how to manage their business systems, in fact, we feel it’s just as important as hiring a coach, investing in your skillset, or anything else you need to run a successful business!

So, with every Empire Website purchase comes our in-depth Empire Site training course jam-packed with over $3400 worth of step-by-step tutorials, guides & handouts! By learning how to use your website and all the dynamic tools that come with it, you essentially lift the cap off of your potential!

And when you have nothing stopping you, you truly become unstoppable!

The great news is, our training is delivered in such bite-sized, zen-like tutorials that literally anyone can do this, no matter your level of tech experience! This is a chance to buckle down, lean into your business, and become fiercely empowered!

Our Empire Websites & Training Has Helped Our Clients To…

  • Gain Complete Control Over Their Business Systems

  • Avoid Hundreds of Hours On Techie Stuff

  • Save Thousands By Not Hiring Web Developers Or Marketing Gurus

  • Provide a Professional Experience To Their Clients

  • Reap All The SEO Benefits Of Having Their Own Platform

But best of all… it connects the dots from overwhelmed, to TRUE empowerment, balance, and realized success — all essential ingredients for creating a real-life Empire!


Are You Ready To Build Your Empire?

Getting an Empire Website is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Click below now to be taken through our super simple 3-step checkout, there you’ll be able to select from any of our current Empire packages, review cost, preview hosting information, and checkout!

Sam & Sarah here, Creators Of The Empire Method & Empire Websites!

Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ section below! There you’ll find the answers to just about everything you can think of!

Of course we’re always happy to help answer your questions personally too, our goal is to make sure that every single client gets exactly what they need based on their specific business needs, so feel free to contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to help you navigate this process so you feel 100% confident in your decision! Email us at [email protected] 


How do you bill?

We offer 3 packages to suite almost any business: EmpireGO $997 | EmpirePRO $1300 | EmpireVIP $1600 Depending on what package you choose, you will be billed for the package price listed above. There is also a yearly $99 theme licence fee that must be paid directly to the theme licence holder in order for us to provide you with your website, we will instruct you on how to purchase this. Upon checkout we’ll present an option to select our Empire hosting, or opt out of hosting before checkout. Hosting fees depend on what package you choose: EmpireGO $59 monthly | EmpirePRO $59 monthly | EmpireVIP $69 monthly. If you opt-in to our hosting package you will be billed automatically each month for your hosting package. If you choose not to host with us you will be responsible for hiring your own host, and paying for your website plugins.

What training & support do you offer? (Important!)

The Empire Method takes great pride in our “Method”, which is one of deliberate empowerment; this means you’ll start with our core in-depth WordPress training videos that are delivered via drip to ensure you do not skip a single step, after the core training videos, you’ll then learn about your sales funnels and any plugin tools that come with your site such as your membership platform, eCom store, and affiliate portal! This ensures that each student learns the basics of how to navigate, operate, and utilize their EM Site plugins. As a side note, our sales tools are 3rd party plugins, and we will teach you very common processes and functions of each tool, however we do not offer technical support for these plugins as each has their own support portal designed to assist their plugin users. The good news is, we’ve selected very popular, tried and true plugins to ensure our clients can easily utilize these tools, but can also quickly access advanced tutorials and information through these 3rd party plugins if they ever need to! 

What should I expect after I buy?

Our process is a little different, because we take care of all technical setup for you, it will take between 3-5 business days for us to set up your hosting, email, and website access. After purchase you’ll receive an email welcoming you to The Empire Method with a prompt to watch Chapter 1, and fill out your website request form which asks specific information required to set up your EM Site. You’ll also be promoted to purchase your theme licence of $99. Once you’ve submitted the required information we will then set up and deliver your EM Site! 

Do you offer email automation or CRM?

We don’t offer a CRM nor do we offer built-in email automation, but included within our training course are videos that show you exactly how to connect an email provider or CRM plugin!

Do you offer webinar software?

No, however our pre-designed webinar funnels give you the ability to capture & confirm signups, and include countdown timers, the ability to use coupon codes, and process direct payments. We highly suggest EasyWebinar as it allows you to embed your webinar signup and replay into our funnels seamlessly! You’re free to use any webinar software provided it’s WP compatible, but please note some specific sections of your webinar funnel may not be usable if you’re using a webinar plugin with limited customization.

Can I apply these themes onto my existing website?

Because our websites include a long list of robust, premade layouts and designs that are already plugged in and ready to go to save you TONS of time, starting brand new is the best route.

Can’t I just build this myself?

Of course, however it would take you months to plan, build, design, install, and set up all of your tools, as well as map-out and design our essential sales funnels to make it a profitable tool for your business. Everything included within our EM Sites and training materials are tried and true methods to running a successful online business; knowledge straight from the minds of two skilled and experienced ladies that have worked with many clients to create websites, sales funnels, branding, and content writing. You get ALL of this practical and valuable experience without having to risk or guess what you need on your own.

Additionally, we save you time by condensing the learning process involved in each element and tool we offer with EM Site training course! Lastly, we hold a developer license which allows us to offer steep discounts a typical buyer can’t access, this keeps your yearly renewal fees at an all-time low!

Have additional questions? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable about your decision!

Your Empire Awaits!

Are You Ready To Build Your Empire?

Getting an Empire Website is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Click below now to be taken through our super simple 3-step checkout, there you’ll be able to select from any of our current Empire packages, review cost, preview hosting information, and checkout!