The All-In-One Website You’ve Been Dreaming of Is Here!


Having the keys to a fully completed website that not only looks stunning, but includes everything you need to add your personality, content, sales funnels, & offerings.

All without needing to be tech savvy or learn code to make it all happen.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Empire Tech-Drama FREE?

If the idea of having an all-in-one website without tying in tons of outside software programs, or spending thousands on designers, programmers, and marketing gurus sounds too good to be true… trust us, it isn’t!

If you’re a coach, consultant, or online entrepreneur you’re probably used to today’s shiny software systems and the complicated learning curve that comes with them, but here at The Empire Method, we’re dedicated to breathing life into our client’s goals by providing an intelligent platform that eliminates tech overwhelm, creates ease, and…

BOLDLY Empowers the Worlds Change Makers!


1 computer monitor, 1 smart phone 1 tablet, 1 laptop showcasing The Empire Method’s all in one website themes Powerhouse, Namaste and sales funnels

Fully designed & professionally developed WordPress websites that come with built-in sales tools specifically created to help the female entrepreneur rise up!

Each website comes with intelligent built-in sales tools such as a membership platform, eCommerce store, affiliate tracking, and sales funnels.

In fact we have over 32 pre-made funnel templates alone... that’s a whole lotta’ time-saving convenience packed into one powerful website.

With most of the work done-for-you, our revolutionary Empire Websites will save you hundreds of hours giving you the opportunity to finally do the work you love without the tech drama or typical restrictions!

Get the keys to a custom built website from pros who understand your sales goals!

Just Check Out What You’re Getting!

  • Complete WordPress Website

    Mobile-friendly already built and ready to go with all the things you need in a website to promote and sell yourself online.

  • Pre-designed Page Templates

    Plug in your pages fast with our pre-designed and built website templates that are ready for you to personalize with your own colors, images, and text.

  • Built-in Opt-in Forms

    Grow your mailing list with attractive and easy to customize subscriptions forms that connect to your email marketing software.

  • Sales Funnels That Convert

    Launch your freebies, memberships, webinars, and programs fast with our pre-designed sales funnel pages

  • Store, Membership, & Affiliate

    However much you need to sell your products and services, we’ve got you covered! Our websites come with systems in place and ready to activate.

  • Social Media

    Connect with your audience with social media integration for your webpages and blog posts

  • Free Installation

    Installation of your new website is done for you on our premium hosting, free the first month with options to renew or move to your own hosting.

  • Free Hosting & SSL

    Get access to our Empire Premiere hosting package free the first month – includes daily backups, security scans, core updates, and priority support.

  • SEO Ready

    Be found online with built-in SEO plugins and training

  • PLUS, Get Our Full Video & Workbook Training Suite

    There is absolutely zero guess-work when it comes to how to use our websites! We walk you through the entire process from start to finish, as well as provide full training on how to launch 8 of the most popular sales funnel processes currently used in today’s marketplace.

Want to see what our Empire Websites look like?

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Let’s talk about that training suite!

image of the empire methods backend WordPress training class pages.

THE Ultimate Empowerment! 

While our Empire Websites come pre-built and ready to customize, we still believe every business owner should know exactly how to manage their business systems, in fact, we feel it’s just as important as hiring a coach, investing in your skillset, or anything else you need to run a successful business!

So, with every Empire Website purchase comes our in-depth Empire Site training course jam-packed with over $3400 worth of step-by-step tutorials, guides & handouts! By learning how to use your website and all the dynamic tools that come with it, you essentially lift the cap off of your potential!

And when you have nothing stopping you, you truly become unstoppable!

The great news is, our training is delivered in such bite-sized, zen-like tutorials that literally anyone can do this, no matter your level of tech experience! This is a chance to buckle down, lean into your business, and become fiercely empowered!

But best of all… it connects the dots from overwhelmed, to TRUE empowerment, balance, and realized success — all essential ingredients for creating a real-life Empire!

When You Purchase One Of Our Revolutionary Empire Websites….

You’ll get a lot more of THIS:

  • Guidance on how to customize your pre-made website from start to finish

  • Gain complete control over your website and sales processes

  • Save yourself thousands of dollars by not hiring web developers and marketing gurus

  • Avoid hundreds of hours on figuring out the techie stuff

  • Provide a truly professional experience to your clients

  • Reap all the SEO benefits of having your own platform

Without any of THAT:

  • Feeling uncertain about how to use your website

  • Taking out loans just to fund your website and marketing efforts

  • Search tirelessly for ways to make it all happen

  • Worry about your website working correctly

  • Work late into the night trying to figure out how to tie it all together

  • Give up on your dreams of serving others 


Are You Ready To Build Your Empire?

Getting an Empire Website is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Click below now to be taken through our super simple 3-step checkout, there you’ll be able to select from any of our current Empire packages, review cost, preview hosting information, and checkout!

Sam & Sarah here, Creators Of The Empire Method & Empire Websites!

Have Questions?

Check out our FAQ section below! There you’ll find the answers to just about everything you can think of!

Of course we’re always happy to help answer your questions personally too, our goal is to make sure that every single client gets exactly what they need based on their specific business needs, so feel free to contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to help you navigate this process so you feel 100% confident in your decision! Email us at [email protected] 


Are the Empire Websites really comparable to a website built by a web designer?

Yes! Because it is! Our Empire Websites were expertly designed and developed by Sam Duncan here at The Empire Method. This means the website you get was thoughtfully planned out, professionally designed, and expertly built as though you hired someone to do it for you. The added benefit is that you get to then take this pro website and make it 100% your own for a fraction of the price.

When will I gain access to my new website after purchase?

After purchase, you will be prompted to fill out our a website request form. This form is used to tell us what theme you’d like to use (either Namaste or Powerhouse), what domain you’ll be using, etc. Once we get that form, it takes only 2-3 days for you to receive a reply from us that includes your login access and next step instructions.

While you wait, you will have a full chapter plus some workbooks that cover some prep work needed before you start working on your website. This way, you are ready to jump right in once you get access.

How long will the process take to complete my website?

This completely depends on your level of experience with WordPress, how much you have prepared (such as image and text for your webpages already done or not), and of course your availability. We have had some students complete their website in 2 weeks, while others have taken a month. Our video training to launch your website equates to about 8 hours.

Do you offer hosting and domains?

Each Empire Website comes with 1-month free hosting, which can be renewed for $59/mo or switched over to your own chosen host. For domains, we recommend students purchase their own as your domain is your greatest commodity! Once enrolled, we share several suggestions for where to purchase a domain.

What if I find that I need help?

Beyond our video training and workbooks, we also have an FAQ database full of questions and answers from previous students. We are also available via email for tech support and/or help with questions that may come up along the way.

We encourage students to do as much as they can with the training we provide but life happens and if you find you need more help than just a few questions can answer, we do provide options for students to hire us to complete their website.

Am I able to personalize my website with different colors/image/text/pages?

Of course! Your Empire Website comes with training to walk you through how to add in your own colors, logo, images, content, and also how to add/remove pages and blog posts. The sky is the limit!

We have created our Empire Websites using a drag-and-drop type of editor which makes it super easy to move/add/delete/change anything and everything you see on these websites. Our previous students have stated that the our websites are much easier to use than they expected.

Can I work on my new website while my current one is still up?

Absolutely! We have offered this solution to several students and would be happy to chat with you about how to do this for your project. You will be responsible for hosting your current website but we can provide hosting for your new website.

What additional costs will I need to be aware of?

We use a premium theme builder that comes packaged with various plugins, basically all the bells and whistles that make our Empire Websites as fantastic as they are.  These tools require an annual renewal fee to be paid which is $99/yr. Once enrolled, we show students how to go about setting that license up.

Other than that, there are no additional costs.

What is not included within this website?

We offer students a variety of tools within the website already, however some of these tools do require another system to be plugged into it to be used to the fullest extent.

For example, we offer ready made sales pages/funnels, membership portal, affiliate portal, and online store checkout. However, we do not offer our own merchant service to process payments (students will need PayPal or Stripe), CRM services to manage newsletter and a mailing list (students will need something like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, etc.), or webinar creation software (students will need EasyWebinar, GoToWebinar, etc.).

The list is short but the above tools will be needed for students to get the most out of the entirety of what their Empire Website has to offer. The great thing about our Empire Websites is that these software tools can be pulled in and connected to the features already on the website — versus having to create multiple connections like you would have to do with Clickfunnels or LeadPages, there are several steps they require that we do not.

Can I apply these themes onto my existing website?

Because our websites include a long list of robust, premade layouts and designs that are already plugged in and ready to go to save you TONS of time, starting brand new is the best route.

Can’t I just build this myself?

Of course, however it would take you months to plan, build, design, install, and set up all of your tools, as well as map-out and design our essential sales funnels to make it a profitable tool for your business. Everything included within our EM Sites and training materials are tried and true methods to running a successful online business; knowledge straight from the minds of two skilled and experienced ladies that have worked with many clients to create websites, sales funnels, branding, and content writing. You get ALL of this practical and valuable experience without having to risk or guess what you need on your own.

Additionally, we save you time by condensing the learning process involved in each element and tool we offer with EM Site training course! Lastly, we hold a developer license which allows us to offer steep discounts a typical buyer can’t access, this keeps your yearly renewal fees at an all-time low!

Have additional questions? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable about your decision!

Your Empire Awaits!

Are You Ready To Build Your Empire?

Getting an Empire Website is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Click below now to be taken through our super simple 3-step checkout, there you’ll be able to select from any of our current Empire packages, review cost, preview hosting information, and checkout!