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Holly Wade, MEd. is a Holistic Health and Life Coach who helps people address the tension in their body and life. With 25 years of experience in the Fitness & Wellness Industry and practical experience through her own personal struggle with anxiety, depression, and Crohn’s Disease, she knows first-hand the toll that stress takes on a person’s life. Her passion is to help others reconnect with the wisdom of their own bodies so that they are empowered to make choices based on the signals their body is giving them. Holly is also a Master Trainer for The World GROOVE Movement. She loves salsa dancing, getting outdoors, and her morning coffee. She’s a regular contributor to We Are Beautiful Magazine and Kai Magazine. Oh, and did we mention she’s fantastic?  

How to Finally Succeed With Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution!

Most of us turn our calendar to a new year with new hopes, a sense of relief that comes with a fresh start, and anticipation for what can improve in our lives. With that hopeful anticipation of “THIS will be THE year”, we create New Year’s Resolutions: weight loss, more income, better relationships.

The downside is that only 8% percent of those who make resolutions will succeed at them.

Maybe this is a good opportunity to discuss WHY New Year’s Resolutions fail.


We’re in a culture that is all or nothing. We want to go for the gold and do it all and perfectly OR we don’t do it all. How many times did you put off something until you had all of your information and all of the right equipment? I bet you have a closet full of supplies you bought for something and haven’t used since.

That all or nothing approach doesn’t take into consideration what you did to get here and how much time it took to pack on the pounds, go so far into debt, or continue to attract the wrong person.

By addressing the symptom:

  • When I lose 50 pounds, then…
  • When I make over $100K, then…
  • When I meet that right person, then…

the real problem continues.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Losing weight, making more money, and/or meeting Mr. or Ms. Right may seem like the perfect solution. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting ANY of those things. When you look at those beginning statements a little more closely, it’s a reflection of your own relationship with your body, your money…..and ultimately, yourself.

What about changing how you state what you REALLY want?

  • I’d love to have more energy and feel better overall so I’m willing to eat healthier and move my body.  
  • My body does so much for me, that it deserves to be treated better so I’m willing to make healthier choices most days.
  • I’m deserving of my own time and attention so I will say “no” to things that I’m asked to do so that I’m not so overwhelmed and stressed.
  • My relationship deserves more attention so I will intentionally speak my loved one’s Love Language most days.
  • I’m with me until the day I die so I might as well figure out how to be my own BFF.

See how this works? There’s a concrete reason behind what you want to change AND it’s lifestyle based. Ultimately, that’s what we’re aspiring to.

Give yourself grace through the process.

Rather than making things big, overwhelming, restrictive, and unattainable, offer yourself some grace so that when life DOES happen and you get off track, it’s not so difficult to get yourself motivated to get back on track. There truly is no “there” and there doesn’t have to be a rigid time frame that makes you feel like you failed if you don’t accomplish what you set out to in that time.

Always remember that you don’t have to create change on your own. Surround yourself with a group of people that you trust to help you move into that space of greater self-worth and self-awareness.

With a bigger perspective in mind and a commitment to YOUR wholeness on a daily basis, you’ll get to the “there” you desire.

Need a little assistance getting started? How about learning to relax? When your mind gets quiet and your body settles  down, it’s so much easier to hear your heart. You’ll never go wrong when you learn to hear that still voice inside of you and trust its guidance. Like anything, it takes practice.


I’d be honored to help you get started.

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