An Unstoppable Shock Wave of intelligent Empowerment Is Here!
Your Business Journey Is About To CHANGE!
The Empire Method’s all in one website shorthand logo “EM Sites”

Sam & Sarah here,
and we welcome you to The Empire Method™!

Created from the heart by two incredibly passionate women who want to change how the online business journey works,The Empire Method is a place where business and technology merge with purpose and empowerment!

Inspired by today’s shiny software systems, phony marketing schemes, and years of working 1:1 with clients who were beat down by tech overwhelm and expensive software, we’re taking back the power the industry has taken away and placing it directly in palm of your hands, where it belongs!

For those who have tried to turn their passion into a thriving business you already know the extensive learning curve and excessive retail cost of the current software systems out there, but fear not, we’re here to give our clients the proper tools and education on how to build, run, preserve, and progress in their business!

From our revolutionary all-in-one EM Websites to our Empire EDU Business Education Workshops… we’re here to Empower you so you can build your Empire!

Built on the premise of these 5 Pillars of Empowerment:
  • Business Systems
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Tech & Design
  • Industry Connections
  • Preservation & Progression

Each Pillar focuses on providing our clients with intelligent tools and resources on topics ranging from setting up and running efficient business systems, ethical sales and marketing tactics, industry partnerships and connections, design, tech, and personal and business preservation and progression!

We believe these pillars create a unique synergy that connects the dots from overwhelmed and ill-prepared, to true empowerment, balance, and realized success, all essential ingredients for creating a real-life Empire!

Why what we're doing is revolutionary

We’ve spent the last year tirelessly creating the ULTIMATE solution for our fellow female entrepreneurs! As the video hints to above, we’ve done something that hasn’t been done before… We think it’s going to revolutionize the industry and give serious business owners a fighting chance at creating what they originally set out to create before all the tech drama and hype unfolded!

Introducing Empire Websites:

EM Sites, short for Empire Websites, are fully designed & professionally developed WordPress websites that come with built-in intelligent sales tools such as…

  • Pre-Designed & Configured-For-You Sales & Lead Funnels
  • A Membership Platform
  • eCommerce Store
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • Complete with FREE lifetime access to our in-depth educational website training!

You’ll no longer have to purchase or tie in multiple outside systems just to run your business!

Simply put, EM Sites provide the ULTIMATE solution for serious business women who are passionate about building their Empire!