Stop Selling Hours & Start Selling Results!

Clarity + Structure = Results!

Like many online coaches and consultant’s it’s easy to get wrapped up in selling your time by the hour, especially if you’re new! However, we find that selling a specific end result is much easier, and much more lucrative!

By selling results you actually attract the perfect client who’s looking for the exact solutions you provide, and with a result driven program this eliminates the negotiations you find yourself in when booking 1:1 session. When a client can count on a specific result they no longer wish to break down the value of a 1 hour session.

You can sell your program based on the value you bring to the table, which is usually a LOT higher than your hourly rate.

If you’re looking to serve MORE clients and create predictable results like clockwork… this program is for you! 

This 2-part class is filled with practical, simple to digest instructions that will help you gain massive clarity over your business, and then gently lead you step-by-step into creating the meat of your Signature Coaching program! 

Your Work Is Important!

Turn Your Skills Into An Irresistible Coaching Package!

The work you do as a coach, whether a health, mindset, soul, or business coach is important. Your work is setting new standards and guidelines for the healing and expansion of human potential – something our world desperately needs.

BUT…it’s not always easy to know how to package your knowledge in a way that inspires clients to hire you.

Defining your skills & creating a solid framework helps establishes who you are, how you operate, where you’re headed, and what clients can expect during their time with you.

This Important Step Can Change Everything!

Here’s what you’ll learn!

Day #1 Outline: Business Blueprint

  • Absolute Skills – zeroing in on your skills & eliminating confusion

  • Vision & Passion – putting the thoughts in your head down on paper once and for all

  • Core Values – what defines and sets you apart from the white noise

  • WOW-Talents -WOW factors you can bring to the table to create massive results

  • Anatomy Statement – creating a short tail statement that defines your business so you never struggle to describe what you do, or who you serve ever again

  • Mission Statement – a long tail version of your anatomy statement that you’ll use on social profiles and on your website

  • Business Blueprint – taking all of your answers and tying it all together for a finalized blueprint!

Day #2 Outline: Signature Program

  • Results – defining the results you can provide based on identified skills 

  • Pain Points – getting into the mind & emotions of your client and identifying why they NEED to work with you

  • Program Topics & Perks– nailing down your program topics & assets to streamline client results

  • Program Structure – organizing topics & perks into a logical flow

  • Timeframe – determining the length of your program, ie’ 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, etc.

  • Pricing & Income Goals – determining value of your program, and how many clients are needed to enroll each program run to hit your goals.

  • Naming – how to name your signature coaching program

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When you purchase this class you’ll also receive our free “Launch Your Signature Program Checklist”, packed with valuable tips to ensure you’re adequately prepared to create your sales funnel and launch with ease!

Who is this program for?

Coaches & Consultants

With more and more people trying to help shift the collective into a new age of consciousness, we’re seeing a massive, undeniable shift in the online space. Just open up Facebook and you’ll see post after prolific post of people stimulating the path to the changes we all want to see happen in this lifetime, and beyond!

It’s a beautiful sight to see so many women stepping into this role, harnessing their talents, and bravely penetrating the world with their knowledge, and if this is you, this program was built just for you!

This program is designed for those who:

  • Want to stop selling time by the hour to clients who won’t commit

  • Want to learn how to package and sell their skills for more revenue

  • Would like to promise and deliver specific results

  • Want to create a repeatable program they can sell over and over again

If you’ve been feeling stuck, unsure of yourself, or confused about what to offer, this class is perfect for you!

Ready To Create Your Signature Coaching Program?