Our mission is simple…

To Create an Unstoppable Shock Wave of Intelligent Empowerment for the Online Entrepreneur!

Created from the heart by two incredibly passionate women who wanted to change how the online business journey works, The Empire Method is a place where business and technology merge with purpose and empowerment!

The “Empire Method™”

Frustrated by the lack of intelligent solutions and accurate business building education holding the worlds teachers back, The Empire Method™ is dedicated to creating an ethical “safe zone” for passionate, goal-driven women who are seeking to leap off the “hype” hamster wheel once and for all and become truly empowered! From our powerful all-in-one EM Sites™, to our Empire EDU course library (coming soon), we believe our method and products will help create a unique synergy that connects the dots from overwhelmed and ill-prepared to true empowerment, balance, and realized success – all essential ingredients in creating a powerful empire!

With combined decades of computer programming, design, marketing, and sales experience, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients only to watch them sacrifice their health, family time, and money; pouring everything in to today’s tools and methods that just don’t work!

Sharing the same massive goal to breathe life into our client’s goals by providing intelligent tools while helping them to learn and conquer the intimidating, and often avoided tech and educational journey needed to succeed, Sam and Sarah merged together to create The Empire Method™. 

The Trusted HUB
Entrepreneurs Can Count On To Help Them
Build Their Empire!