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I want to begin by telling you that your fear has some validity.

Technically, it wasn’t very long ago that people got murdered for being Spiritually Gifted. We still see others cast judgment and hate onto others for living lifestyles different than our own. It is no secret that there is still a worldwide spread of acts of intolerance, racism, and prejudice every single day. Unfortunately, our minds are trained to see differences far before similarities; it’s our human nature. We can only hope that our future is one that embraces our differences instead of punishes them. So, this fear that you feel on a cellular level? It could be part of something as deeply ingrained as a survival mechanism.

However, you’re not getting out of this that easily though, my friend. Unless you are dealing with the REAL fear that both being who you are and doing what you want to do will inevitably get you killed (if this is not part of your worries, be very grateful) chances are you are fueling a story that is ruled by the Ego. The Ego doesn’t necessarily like when we start to step into who we truly are and the reasons for that are simple; it is in this space that we tend to break free of every dead and lifeless comfort zone our Ego has created.

THE REFRAME:  The opinions and judgments of others do not matter. Honestly, it is that simple. Karen and Joe are going to be judgmental asshats regardless of what you choose to do, so you might as well do the thing that YOU want to do. You are here because your uniqueness is invaluable to us as a Collective. How will we benefit from the ideas, beliefs, skills, and purpose you’re meant to bring us if you’re forever in fear of what the world will think of it?



So what happens once you let your Freak Flag completely fly? What comes after that moment where you drop the cloak, and all that’s left is your perfect and unique nakedness in all of its glory?

Let’s be honest, if you have a fear of being fully seen as who you are, the root of this fear is more than likely the fear of losing love. There’s no doubt that it’s easier to digest the opinions or perspectives of strangers, but to stand completely unapologetic as who you are in front of those you love and care about is a whole new ball game. That’s the Big Leagues. It is the moment you essentially give the most intimate of your offerings. You wonder if they will like what they see, approve of you, and still love you even if they don’t necessarily agree.

What if the reaction we get isn’t one that we were hoping for?

THE REFRAME: Those who love you most, are loving you even in the moments of disapproval. Usually, when those we love cast their judgments or disapprovals it is in their attempts to protect you, much like your Ego does in the moments where you’re ready to break out of Comfort Land. So long as they are willing to let you be even if they “don’t get it” or aren’t on the same wavelength – you can treat them as an extension of your Ego/Shadow. They are merely mirroring spaces within you that you’re still struggling to accept yourself.

Now for the people who drop you like it’s hot the minute you claim all of your you-ness?

Let em’ fly baby. It’s going to hurt – but I swear nothing is more imprisoning than keeping someone in your orbit who dedicates themselves to keep you hidden. The world is FULL of people who will allow you to be you – and it’s your damn right to be who you are. Don’t accept anything less.



“Karen is such a Badass. She’s so funny and successful. I wish I had brilliant ideas like her!”

Want to know what will shut down all that unique-on-purpose magic you were created to bless us with faster than anything else? That would be the most chronic of Entrepreneurial Illnesses and states of Dis-ease; Comparisonitis.

We just spent some time going over how it is your RIGHT to be who you are and how having you here with us is such a benefit to the Collective. Don’t let the way that someone else shines, deter you from shining your light.

THE REFRAME: When you see yourself drooling over someone else’s gifts, business, or a way of BEing, you now know what it looks like to stand in your power. Use those moments where you’re seeing a fellow Entrepreneur shining brighter than the damn North Star, to take note of what it looks like to wear confidence, fearlessness, and complete ownership of your you-ness. Remember that no one is like you — No ONE. It’s your responsibility to figure out what makes you unique and to learn how to fully express yourself so that you can give your gifts and skills to the world.



Uh. Did you forget that you are not perfect?

I know you know that, but somehow we get so paralyzed in the attempt to perfect “walking” before we’ve even begun to take our first steps. Your gifts, your mission, your skills, and your purpose are not going to be a full proof idea right out the gates. So, the sooner you get used to the idea that you’re more than likely going to fail forward like the rest of the humans here on this planet, the better you are going to get at giving yourself the space to get it wrong.

THE REFRAME:  Here’s the thing you majestic being you! You actually can’t fuck it up. There are no “mistakes.” There are just experiences that open new portals full of opportunities that give you access to further information about your journey or what is next for you.  Isn’t that cool? Now you can have fun failing. You’re welcome.



Yep. I’m going to call you out here.

A significant reason why you are on the struggle bus when it comes to stepping into this big ass vision you feel pulsing through you is the fear of being “trapped” in it. Fear of Commitment is a real thing for a lot of us, and it can make those of us who battle it feel broken when we see others step into their big ideas and visions so quickly on the regular.


Any fear around a commitment that you hold merely is just the mirror for how you have struggled in maintaining your boundaries or truths along your journey. So it’s a mirror for the ways you’ve said “yes” when you meant “no.” It’s a mirror for those times you’ve let someone walk all over you or perhaps cage you into doing something that didn’t feel good.

The enemy isn’t ever a commitment. The enemy is the lack of FEEL GOOD commitments. So, as you learn how to listen to your desires and the truth of what is pulsing through you won’t feel trapped. Your purpose or calling isn’t trying to cage you; it wants to empower you. You have to align yourself with it and LISTEN to yourself along the way.



Whhhhatttt. You’re telling me, you’ve paralyzed yourself before you even have begun?

I get it though. Sometimes that purpose, those ideas, and mission flowing through us feels about 90 million times bigger than the flesh suit we’ve been given.

Don’t get stuck in the analysis paralysis of this whole thing. The energy moving through you is just passion + desire. Your only job is to follow the breadcrumbs towards what feels most exciting, and you are officially rolling. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be just START already.

THE REFRAME: These first steps are nerve-wracking but they can also be super empowering and a testimony of the power you never knew you had.

Don’t worry about having it all figured out, the whole picture, or getting it right. You’re enough. You can start right now.  It’s going to unfold so perfectly if you’d just let it.


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