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Roberta Smart of Hidden Pathways Coaching Oracle

Roberta is a multi-passionate Empath with a magic touch. A born wordsmith, she is the creator of ‘The Hidden Pathways Oracle’ a unique divination system based around an ancient Sufi lineage. She works with Earth Angels of all denominations to help them assimilate their 5D Soul Mission into the 3D world we currently inhabit.  Her groundbreaking program Diamonds in the Dust© has led many blocked creatives and closet healers to reveal themselves, come out of the spiritual closet, and launch themselves boldly into the world. Her mission is to help 1 million Souls to wake up, reclaim their True Essence and create a life of Divine Magic. She lives in the Heart of The Cotswolds in England with her partner of 22 years, a son aged 20, a daughter aged 18, two ginger cats and a ginger dog. She is a tea drinker and is rather fond of Jaffa Cakes. Did we mention she’s fabulous too? Well, she is! 🙂 

7 steps to ‘SmartSoul’ Success

So you want to WOW the world with your magic and splendour?

You want to get paid for being your most Magical Self AND make a difference in the world. But have no idea where to start or what you truly need to succeed?  

I decided to explore this topic with the Highest Authority – my own Smart Soul (Intuition, inner voice, call it what you will) and asked what YOU most needed to hear today, here’s the Low down in 7 simple steps:  Are you ready? Grab your journal, your favourite pen and a hot cup of something delicious because we have Soul Work to do!



As counter intuitive as this may seem, in mastering your unshakable NO you will discover a sense of inner strength and find yourself able to listen to your SmartSoul©, without interference.

One of the main reasons you get so overwhelmed and cannot trust your own decisions is because you have spent too many years saying YES when you should have been saying NO. Filling your time with needless tasks which drain your energy, go against everything you stand for, and cloud your otherwise-pristine vision for your future – a terrible habit that I strongly suggest that you learn to break TODAY!

Using your NO means you set firm boundaries, are clear on who you are, and what you do and you refuse to compromise on any part of your expression. It is invigorating, thrilling and empowering and is pure gold when it comes to running a heart-centred business.

Use powerful ~I AM ~ statements in your morning pages and declare yourself loudly and proudly every day.



Your intuition will guide you to where you need to be, so prepare to say HELLO to new things and be open to opportunities as they arise, even if it makes no sense at the time.

Your SmartSoul © will push you, pull you, drag you kicking and screaming if necessary toward your destiny and the fulfilment of your Soul Mission – which is, after all, why you are really here.

One of your biggest challenges in this life is to resist being swept up in dogma and hearsay and learn to follow your own guiding light – which will NEVER betray you, never LIE to you, or let you down.

Each day be aware of synchronicities, coincidences, and things that grab your attention – pop them in your journal and prepare to be amazed as you join the dots and uncover the trail of cosmic breadcrumbs your soul is laying out for you each and every day.



The best way to connect with your SmartSoul and hear the True Call of your Soul’s voice is to get grateful. Be aware of all that you have already created and say big, soul-centred THANKS.

True appreciation begins with taking 100% responsibility for everything you have in your life, because energetically you drew it to you and made space for it. In this way you can let go of second–guessing yourself and doubting your outcomes, and move forward in confidence toward a life of your own creation: Your Soul Life!

A top tip here is to be grateful for everything even the uncomfortable stuff as it helps you master the tough times and navigate tricky areas with confidence and a sense of personal power. Use your morning journaling or evening writing to write 3-10 things you are grateful for each day – this technique is wickedly effective and can yield more magic than you can possibly imagine.



If something feels ‘off’ in your life or work, be prepared to release your attachment to it:

Be it an object, an occupation, a relationship or belief system; if it feels draining, exhausting, or unsettling in any way, allow your Soul Guidance to lead you in the right direction and prepare to say GOODBYE.

How? Check in with yourself regularly. Adopt a daily breathing and meditation practice where you can quiet your mind and allow your inner voice to take center stage, (Try breathing into your lower belly: In for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7 and release for a count of 8) then you will experience a deep, luxuriant sense of knowing that will negate any questions, doubts or suspicions AND will not allow you to be swayed by the views and opinions of others.

Begin every day with a clear head and a Fresh Start.

Create a morning routine designed for clarity and clear mindedness over everything else (and yes that means no phone use before you have taken care of you!)



One of the most powerful ‘tools’ in your arsenal is your own imagination. It is pure gold!

So having a clear VISION of what you want, where you are going, how you want to be seen and what it will feel like when you get there is without a doubt the most important thing you need.

That said, it is clear that on this particular planet, we are not designed to ‘go it alone’ and will inevitably require support from others, which is where we have to engage our ‘Please’ Energy by sharing our vision and asking others to cooperate in making it happen.

This, my friends is when real magic happens and you find yourself attaining heights you had previously only ever dreamed about.

Your morning practice should always include journaling, getting thoughts out of your head and getting your dreams and goals down on paper – writing out your chosen goal every day means there is no chance of you getting off track, as your main focus remains front and center every single day!



With great power comes great responsibility and it is imperative we are able to pull up our big-girl pants and take it on the chin when we do actually mess up (and we will because we are human!) There is immense power in a heartfelt, well-delivered SORRY: whether we are offering a refund, repairing damaged goods, or taking pains to understand another’s point of view.

Remember though that saying ‘Sorry’ does not mean you are wrong or bad in any way, it simply shows another person that you are aware of the way in which you have impacted on them, that’s it.

Use it in place of defence, retaliation, attack, anger, rage or indignation.

Try it today especially in your Self Talk – learn to say sorry to yourself for all the times you have beaten up on yourself and see how much better you feel instantly! Sorry is the verbalisation of inner forgiveness and that is probably the most powerful emotion of all.


7. OH YES!

The Soul is always speaking and when you are listening it feels sooo good – you know that, right? You feel the urge, you follow your intuition, you take the steps and follow through on that great idea you had in the shower, you make that call, go on that date, and sign up for that next opportunity to share your message, even when you cannot possibly see how to join the dots: you are in flow, living life with ease and simply cannot fail. You are WINNING at life and it is magical.

But this cannot last – and indeed it shouldn’t, for as soon as you find your flow your SmartSoul will come a-calling again and invite you to level up, bringing you new obstacles to overcome, new challenges to meet, and new opportunities to welcome in – then guess what, it’s time to redefine your NO and start the process all over again.

Isn’t this fun? Your Life is one long journey of discovery and the physical manifestation of every thought, word and deed you are inspired to share.  

So get out there, make your mark and don’t forget to ask for help wherever you may need it – from discovering your Soul Mission to serving millions – there is always someone available to serve you exactly where you are – how reassuring is that?


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